BYS 2020 Video Recap: Environmental Matters


The environment is ever-increasing important aspect in the marine industry and especially in the Balearic Islands. Ensuring the Mediterranean Sea is kept clean with its thriving biodiversity is a must for all yachting enthusiasts. But how what steps do we have to take to make it happen?

At the Balearic Yacht Show 2020 there were a number of informative webinars and masterclasses on the marine environment, especially related to the Balearic Islands. Find out why is it so important that we take care of our surroundings and how to become as eco-friendly as possible.

Posidonia masterclass (English)

Posidonia is a unique underwater plant which only lives in the Mediterranean, with a vast amount present along the shores of the Balearic Islands. Posidonia is important because it helps to absorb Co2 in the sea water, producing oxygen at the same time. This makes it the key to keeping our waters crystal clear. In this masterclass with Posidonia expert Marcial Bardolet, we learn why this plant is so unique in the Balearics and how to avoid damaging it when anchoring your boat.

Challenges and solutions in eco-boats (Spanish)

In this webinar, a panel of experts discuss the challenges of designing new eco-friendly boats and how we can overcome them. Sea pollution is a trending topic but also noise pollution and harmful gasses released in the atmosphere. We are joined by panellists:

  • Tià Simó, Naval Architect Barceló Yacht design group
  • Luis Ferández-Cotero, Naval Engineer
  • Maarten Bernhart, Founder of "La Bella Verde"

Marine conservation in the Balearic Islands (English)

Renowned marine conservationist Brad Robinson from the Balearic Island based association ‘Save the Med’ joins us in this conference. Save the Med aims to make our Mediterranean thrive by educating people on how to be more environmentally conscious. Brad believes if we work together, we can help the Mediterranean regain the rich biodiversity which it once had and which now is unfortunately in danger. Find out how!

Anchoring restrictions along the coastline (Spanish)

In this conference in association with ANAVRE, a panel of experts come together to discuss anchoring restrictions on sand-bottomed bays. Sharing the knowledge of local associations, learn about all the restrictions in place and how we can enjoy cruising and anchoring in the Balearic Islands, whilst abiding to these regulations. Joining us are speakers:

  • Gabriel Dols, President of ADN Mediterráneo
  • Jaime Darder, Abogado in nautiservice asesoría and servicios náuticos sl, and despacho enseñat s.l.

Mediterranean weather and sea (Spanish)

The weather and sea in the Mediterranean are truly unique and very different from the other parts of mainland Spain. Due to the prime location and fair weather in the Balearic Islands, it is lucky enough to be a popular cruising destination all year round. In this conference, we are joined by Jansa Clar, state meteorologist responsible for the Balearic Islands for over 25 years. Jansa explains where the weather in the Mediterranean comes from and what makes it so unique.

How to become the cleanest, greenest Superyacht hub in the mediterranean (English)

The Balearics are an incredible cruising destination, but how can we ensure we keep it this way? This conference looks at how we can become a benchmark location setting high standards for being one of the greenest superyacht locations in the Mediterranean. With a panel of environment experts, we find out their most important ‘green’ challenges and how they believe we can overcome them. Hosted by Martin Redmayne from the Superyacht Group, panellists include:

  • Angus Johnson, Co-founder and Business Development Manager at Ecoworks Marine
  • Lucía Mingot, Quality and Innovation Director
  • Jose Martínez, Director of quality, environment and innovation

SOCIB In the Balearic Islands (Spanish)

How can the organisation SOCIB benefit the Balearic Islands? SOCIB is an international reference centre working specifically in the Western Mediterranean to provide a vision and methodology for the study of the seas. It’s also a multi-platform providing oceanographic data, numerical simulation services and new tech which supports marine and coastal research in the European and international framework. In this panel, we are joined by the SOCIB director and research professor at IMDEA (CSIS-UIB) Joaquín Tintoré.

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