May 18, 2021
Palma de Mallorca has become well-known throughout the yachting industry as one of the major sailing hubs in the Mediterranean thanks to state-of-the-art ports and a plethora of marine service companies to service and look after the yachts and boats that arrive. Many of the world’s biggest superyachts choose to sail around the islands to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the sailing conditions of the Mediterranean attract some of the most important sailing events to our shores.
April 15, 2021
We’re pleased to announce that Balearic Yacht Show is back from 3-6 June this year. The leading virtual yachting event in the Balearics is powered by the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce and the Balearic Marine Cluster.
November 23, 2020
Antoni Riera, director of the Impulsa Baleares Foundation, said in his speech during the Balearic Yacht Show that before the pandemic the Balearic marine industry was in an "exciting moment".
November 22, 2020
The last conference of the Balearic Yacht Show 2020 has discussed what the main challenges are for improved environmental sustainability.
November 21, 2020
The restoration and maintenance works of boats have not stopped during the hardest months of the pandemic in the Balearic Islands and the companies of this sector maintain a high pace of work with a view to a "boom" project in 2021.
November 20, 2020
How the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union will affect the marine industry, was one of the main focuses on the last day of the Balearic Yacht Show.
November 19, 2020
The Catalan sailor, supported by several companies from the Balearic Islands, has sent a greeting to the participants in the Balearic Yacht Show from the Atlantic Ocean.
November 18, 2020
Martin Redmayne, president of Superyacht Group, is optimistic about the evolution of this market, he said during his speech at the Balearic Yacht Show.
November 12, 2020
The Balearic Islands are located in the western Mediterranean Sea, 50 to 190 miles (80 to 300 km) off the east coast of the Spanish mainland. Whether you’re looking for action and adventure or just a quiet getaway, The Balearics is the perfect destination to charter a boat.
November 9, 2020
The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean made up of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera with a total population of 1.107 million (as of January 2020) so one would think they are immune from the spread of COVID-19 and, although they are safe, there are certain regulations that need to be adhered to.
October 30, 2020
e3 Systems is one of the leading technical companies in the nautical industry and always has the latest technology for yacht and superyacht users.
October 22, 2020
It’s the day we’ve been waiting for. We are pleased to announce that the registration is now officially open for the Balearic Yacht Show. The first virtual yacht show in the Mediterranean will bring together the main players in the national and international marine industry from the 18th to the 20th of November.
October 13, 2020
During the short period of commercialisation since the platform launched, there are already more than 35 companies in the sector who confirmed their participation. Companies ranging from marinas, refit, shipyards, services and charters.
October 6, 2020
Posidonia Oceánica only lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Its morphology and reproductive capacity astonish many scientists, which is why it has been declared a World Heritage Site. Only in some areas of Australia has a species with similar, but not equal characteristics ever been seen.
October 2, 2020
Didac Costa has just confirmed his participation in the Balearic Yacht Show as a speaker at one of the main events at the fair. The professional sailor will be personally greeting visitors and sharing his great passion for the islands. Didac is expected to talk about his experience as the first and only Spanish competitor in the solo round-the-world race on 8th of November.
September 28, 2020
The flora and fauna of the Balearic Islands are renowned for their diversity and abundance. From the symbolic oceanic posidonia, to dolphins and turtles. The Balearic Islands have such impressive marine ecosystems, we have to do our best to protect them so we can keep enjoying them in the future.
September 21, 2020
Navigating through the Mediterranean is a unique, breath-taking experience. The spectacular coves and enchanting villages form part of the essence of this luxury destination. Today we share some of the top spots to anchor your boat in the Balearic Islands. We’ve chosen the safest, easiest and most beautiful recommended from our team of experts.
September 17, 2020
Balearic Yacht Show will be a fully online show, featuring both company and yacht exhibitors, conferences, workshops, digital meetings and 360º tours.
September 16, 2020
ANEN (National Association of Nautical Enterprises) is collaborating in our ambitious and innovative virtual project along with other important associations of the marine industry. The Balearic Yacht Show could not miss the opportunity to include one of the most representative organisations of the marine industry in Spain.
September 15, 2020
Ports 4.0 was created to promote and incorporate more innovation in the sustainability, efficiency, protection and safety of the Spanish logistics-port sector. The fund is expected to help both public and private sectors to transition to the 4.0 economy.
September 11, 2020
Project Zero’s main goal is to create a global network of oceanic sanctuaries acting as resistance to the devastating effects of the climate crisis. Project Zero works alongside The Blue Marine Foundation to maintain the two main oceanic sanctuaries, located in two different continents,Sri Lanka and in our beloved island of Menorca.
September 3, 2020
With more than 650 companies and more than 750 million euros of yearly turnover, the Balearics have been a leader in the global nautical sector. This is why we need to highlight the importance of this sector that employs more than 115,000 people in Spain.

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