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Professional Accreditation of level 2 in carpentry (taught in Spanish)

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What are the benefits of this training?

Enroll in our free dual training and train while benefiting from a 12-month employment contract.

Sign up for our level two certificate in nautical carpentry and learn a trade while getting paid from day one.

Put your newly acquired knowledge to the test at the best companies in the industry.

Training Content (630h)

  • Maintenance operations for wooden elements of sports and recreational boats (370h)
  • Nautical English (100h)
  • Cleaning of sports and recreational boats (40h)
  • Basic machining (90h)
  • Basic occupational risk prevention (30h)

What are the requirements to access a training-apprenticeship contract?

  • Being between 16 and 30 years old (inclusive) at the time of hiring.
  • Being unemployed and registered in the SOIB as a job seeker.
  • Not having had a work relationship with the same company in the last 6 months with a labor or training contract, and 24 months in a fixed or discontinuous contract.
  • Not being a family member of the employer, manager, or member of the company's management organs.

General Information

Course start date: October 2nd

Maximum number of places offered: 25 students

Course duration: 12 months (630h of training + internships)

More information

What are you waiting for?

Work in one of the main companies in the sector!

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