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Organisation and supervision of the maintenance of systems and equipment for the generation, storage and consumption of electrical energy for sports and recreational craft.


General information

Code: MF1997_3

Level: 3

Starting date: 16 December 2022

Maximum places offered: 15 students

Course duration: 150h

Location: CIFP Centre de la Mar, C/ Ruiz y Pablo 13, Maó, Menorca

What are the admission requirements?

To access the course, one of the following requirements must be met:

  • High school degree
  • Level 3 professional accreditation
  • Level 2 Professionalism accreditation of the same family and professional area.
  • The academic requirement for access to higher level training cycles or the condition of aptitude in the corresponding entrance exams regulated by the educational administrations.
  • The university entrance exam for the over 25 and/or 45 year olds.
  • Key competences required, in accordance with Annex IV of Royal Decree 34/2008, to successfully complete the training corresponding to the professional accreditation.

Career opportunities

  • Workshop manager of propulsion and steering systems for sports and recreational craft.
  • Responsible for the propulsion and steering systems workshop for sports and recreational craft.
  • Workshop manager for electrical and electronic systems for sports and recreational craft.
  • Workshop manager for cooling and air-conditioning systems and fluid service for sports and recreational craft.
  • Expert appraiser of sports and recreational craft.

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