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Basic Professional Accreditation in Sport and Recreational Craft Maintenance

Carrying out auxiliary operations of electromechanical maintenance in systems and equipment, repairs in structural elements and apparatus, protection and embellishment of surfaces, both in sports and recreational craft, following the instructions received, adopting the corresponding measures for the labour risk prevention and environmental protection, communicating orally and in writing in Spanish and, if it is required, in the own co-official language, as well as in a foreign language.

General information

Code: TMV12

Level: Professional Training

Starting date: 2022

Course duration: 2 years

Timetable: From 16:10 hs to 21.30 hs from Monday to Friday.

Location: Carrer de Sant Joan de la Salle, 5, 07003, Palma

What are the admission requirements?

Access to Basic Professional Training cycles will require the simultaneous fulfilment of the following conditions:

  • To be fifteen years of age, or to be fifteen years of age during the current calendar year, and not to be over seventeen years of age at the time of access or during the current calendar year.

Training modules:

First course

  • Machining and welding.
  • Basic structural repair of sport boats.
  • Protection and embellishment of boat surfaces.
  • Applied Sciences I.
  • Communication and society I.

Second year

  • Basic maintenance of propulsion systems and associated equipment.
  • Basic maintenance of electrical and computer systems.
  • Basic maintenance of sport boat rigging.
  • Applied Sciences II.
  • Communication and society II.
  • Workplace training.

Career opportunities

This professional works in the sector of maintenance of sports and recreational craft, mainly in naval repair and maintenance workshops and in the construction of recreational and sports craft.

  • Repair and maintenance operator for engines and mechanical units.
  • Repair and maintenance operator for engine and steam power units.
  • Electro-mechanic for maintenance and installation of propulsion systems, machinery and auxiliary equipment for sports and recreational craft.
  • Engine and injection equipment mechanic (diesel and petrol).
  • Industrial machinery engine mechanic.
  • Naval engine and mechanical group mechanic in shipyards.
  • Air conditioning and fluids maintainer in sports and recreational craft.
  • Naval electrician.
  • Chief engineer, in accordance with the attributions established for the naval mechanic in article 15.2 of Royal Decree 973/2009, of 12 June.

More information

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