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Yachting International Radio

Yachting International Radio is a Yachting Channel spanning across all social media platforms. Reaching 200,000 Industry professionals per month, YIR brings you weekly shows on major topics such as the environment, mental health, diversity, equality, innovation and education, hosted by experts in their field, including crew and ex-crew.

Founder Rhea Rouw had been in radio for** 28 years** and wanted to bring her unique expertise to the Yachting Industry. Within 2 months, she quickly realized that Video had indeed killed the radio star back in the '80s, as today, with the addition of so many different ways of listening to music your way, people don't often tune into radio anymore. Back to the drawing board, she went. After some additional research, she realized that in order to reach the Yachting Industry, there would need to be Video, Podcasts, live, and interactive.

A NEW Yachting International Radio was born. Yachting International Radio is a Multi-Media Platform.

We are on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook (Including a Facebook Radio Player Tab), and Twitter. If you prefer podcast format, check out our Website and Radio Platform (Yes, we kept it, just in case) as well as our Podcast channel at or you can find us, as well, on Apple Podcasts, Deezer, iHeart, ListenNotes, Podchaser, RadioPublic, RSS, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn


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