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Professional Accreditation of level 2 in painting (taught in Spanish)

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Be part of a one-year dual training project, with an employment contract and financial remunerationt in fibre and paint companies in the nautical sector.

General information

Course start date: October 2023

Maximum places offered: 15 students

Course duration: 12 months 620h (training + internship)

What are the benefits for the participants?

Person hired for 12 months: training period + period of work in the company, through an employment contract.

Financial remuneration: both during the training period and the period of work in the company.

Training in a professional certificate with professionals from the sector.

Putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the company.

What are the admission requirements?

Meet one of the following conditions:

  • Compulsory Secondary Education Graduate.
  • Level 2 Professional certificate (CP).
  • Level 1 professional certificate of the same family and professional area.
  • Fulfil the academic requirement for access to intermediate level training cycles or have passed the corresponding entrance exams regulated by the educational administrations.
  • To have passed the university entrance exam for over 25 year old students and/or over-45 year old students.
  • To have the necessary key competences, in accordance with the provisions of annex IV of Royal Decree 34/2008, in order to successfully complete the training corresponding to the certificate of professionalism.

What are the admission requirements to be fulfilled for the training-learning contract?

  • To be between 18 and under 30 years old (inclusive), at the time of being contracted.
  • Be unemployed and registered with the SOIB as a job seeker.
  • Not having had a work relationship with the same company in the last 6 months with a labor or training contract, and 24 months in a fixed-term or discontinuous contract.
  • Not being a family member of the employer, executive, or member of the company's administrative bodies

More information

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