Safe places to anchor your yacht in the Balearics

Navigating through the Mediterranean is a unique, breath-taking experience. The spectacular coves and enchanting villages form part of the essence of this luxury destination. Today we share some of the top spots to anchor your boat in the Balearic Islands. We’ve chosen 10 of the safest, easiest and most beautiful recommended from our team of experts.

Cala Fornells

Cala Fornells is located on the stunning southeast coast of Mallorca. Despite its small size and reputation for getting crowded, the reality is it is one of the least anchored coves on the island. As well as its incredible natural appeal, this cove has numerous advantages for yacht sailors. Assess is very simple and the coarse sand means no problems when anchoring. Due to its south facing location, wind and waves will not be a problem. However, bear in mind you won’t find much equipment or technology here as it’s a very natural area.

Cala Saona

One of the most famous coves in the beautiful beachy island of Formentera and one of the best places to anchor in the Balearics. Cala Saona stands out for its intense turquoise waters for being known as one of the most magical places on the island to enjoy the sunset.

You must be careful if you anchor near the coast, as there are rocky areas. On the other hand, the ** sea floor is really sandy just a few meters from the beach.**

Cala Ratjada

A heavenly cove situated in the northwest of Mallorca, in which, despite being treated as a touristic zone, you can find many areas to enjoy peace and quiet. Also, it is the perfect place to observe the contrast between the sea and vegetation.

Nevertheless, we must be careful when entering since it is a very rocky area. But it has comfortable zones suitable for any type of boat.

Cala Bassa

Classified as one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza with fine sand and calm turquoise waters. When you arrive, the water is so clear it feels like you are swimming in a huge natural pool.

Cala Bassa is surrounded by a dense pine forest, perfect for those looking for shade on the hottest days.

In this cove it is advisable to anchor between five and eight metres from the sand in front of the beach, where you will find rocky bottoms and seaweed combined with sandbanks.

Sa Dragonera

If what you like are unique destinations filled with mystery, Sa Dragonera is your place. The small island off the coast of Mallorca has spectacular virgin landscapes which are maintained intact thanks to the local regulations. It is a place filled with incredible species among which we can find the famous small lizards that live on the island. This island allows us to take advantage of several areas with unique views and tranquillity.

Cala Varques

Cala Varques is an elongated and narrow cove, divided by a group of rocks, in which two streams join the sea. It is located between Punta d’en Barrufau and Punta de Llevant. The best way to reach it is by sailing from the Manacor area.

Surrounded by gentle cliffs and presided by incredible turquoise waters, it is a perfect paradise to enjoy. The surroundings are protected due to the high value of their wildlife and vegetation, due to this, it doesn’t have many services nearby.

Cala Figuera

If you’re looking to anchor comfortably without having to renounce services and recreational areas nearby, then this is your place. This cove, located in Santanyi, is ideal to anchor your boat and enjoy the advantages of floating on the sea. The nearby village is full of numerous experiences and activities including a range of top-class restaurants. Also, it has incredible surroundings being near to natural monuments such as the ‘Cuevas del Drach’.

Cala Macarella

It is one of the small paradises Menorca has preserved. This virgin cove in the south of the island stands out for its turquoise waters and white sand. It is also protected by high cliffs and pine trees, and is part of the Natural Area of Special Interest of the Menorcan coast.

In this beautiful cove, boats of between three and six metres can anchor on a beautiful white sand bottom. However, take care when paying for the rocky shores that surround the cove.

Cala Trebalúger

It is another of the jewels that await us in Menorca, as this beach, also virgin, is the perfect place to disconnect and enjoy the tranquillity of its waters.

Cala Trebalúger is a whole box of surprises, as a small freshwater stream flows into this cove of fine white sand, surrounded by pine trees.

It is the perfect place to anchor with flat sea, but you have to be careful when the wind blows from MItjorn, as the waves can get quite rough.

Cala Xarraca

In Ibiza we can enjoy this attractive sandy cove with stones in the water. A combination offeringan incomparable landscape. At the foot of a small red clay cliff we find Cala Xarraca, surrounded by small houses with small islets in front.

In these islets we can discover a great amount of marine fauna. Many waves break in this spot, so there is not too much swell on the beach.

This Ibizan cove is usually one of the most famous for divers, as it has the clearest waters on the island. And the best thing is that it has several areas where you can anchor your yacht.

S’ Espalmador

It is the real Balearic paradise. This small island between Ibiza and Formentera has become one of the great discoveries in the Mediterranean. Sailing in these waters you will get one of the most exclusive views of the island.

If what you are looking for during your sailing day is peace and quiet S' Espalmador is the perfect place. This beautiful island paradise is populated by an exceptional biological richness, such as sea birds.

These coves are adapted to the needs of all types of sailors. If there is one thing the Mediterranean has, it's so much variety that everyone can find their personal paradise.

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