Project Zero: Fighting Climate Change in our Oceans

Climate change is an increasingly important issue all over the world. The affect that climate change has on our oceans is one of the most important aspects which we must address. Project Zero is an initiative fighting against climate change and **protecting the health of our oceans. **

Contamination causes a great variety of problems affecting the world’s population. Unfortunately, it also has a tendency for exponential growth. In 2018, The World Health Organization (WHO) released the following data: “9 out of 10 people breathe air with a high concentration of contaminants and up to seven million people die each year due to outdoor and indoor air pollution.”

Also, apart from directly impacting our health, contamination also has a negative effect on the environment. P**ollution is seriously affecting the planet’s oceans and, this is why Project Zero was created. **

What is Project Zero?

Project Zero’s main goal is to create a global network of oceanic sanctuaries acting as resistance to the devastating effects of the climate crisis. To make that happen, Project Zero works alongside The Blue Marine Foundation to maintain the two main oceanic sanctuaries, located in two different continents, Sri Lanka and in our beloved island of Menorca.

This ambitious project fights to restore the health of our oceans and to create a sustainable future for all life on Earth. According to Greenpeace: “The benefits that our oceans provide us with in our day to day lives are infinite: they have an impact on the most important meteorological phenomena, regulating our climate, producing the oxygen we breathe as well as providing migration corridors for whales, sharks, turtles, and other important species.”

The importance of protecting our oceans

Project Zero is working hard to save our oceans. As they are our greatest weapon in the fight against climate change. More than a billion people depend on the ocean as a source of food every single day. Oceans also store carbon and regulate climate. Because of this, and many more reasons, we can say that oceans give us life. They account for more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and contain 250,000 known species as well as many more still undiscovered. Despite these numbers, only 2% of the ocean is strongly protected.

The protection of these marine sanctuaries allows us to establish an area where the ocean can regenerate. And regeneration means that the numerous species that inhabit in our ocean can grow and reproduce with greater ease. If we allow this to happen, these animals will swim to other parts of the ocean, repopulating in less protected areas, and contributing to their growth and stability.

Project Zero Ambassadors

There are many renowned public figures that are aware of this issue and have chosen to become involved in this project to fight against such an important cause. Among them, we can highlight figures such as Cara Delevigne, Kurt Arrigo, Rita Ora or Mick Jagger, the leader of the Rolling Stones.

We hope that Project Zero continues to grow and become recognised so that people all over the world are aware of the issues our ocean faces and we can work together to make the change happen.

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