Education and awareness, the basis for a more sustainable industry

The Balearic Islands are on the right track to become the European benchmark for environmental sustainability from the point of view of the marine industry, but there is still work to be done. This is the conclusion reached by Jorge Martinez, director of quality, environment and innovation of the Balearic Islands Port Authority; Lucia Mingot, director of quality and plant of Astilleros de Mallorca; Angus Johnston, director of business development of Ecoworks Marine; and Martin Redmayne, President of Superyacht Group.

In what has been the last conference of the Balearic Yacht Show, the first virtual boat show in the Balearics, the theme has been the environmental measures that are being taken and those that are on-going, or should be implemented in the future, to be as respectful as possible with our environment.

Jorge Martinez has stressed the need to meet the wishes of society to achieve sustainability standards that transform the ports of the Balearic Islands in a paradigm of environmental protection and has described the measures carried out by the regional port authority, ranging from quality control to the use of marine drones for cleaning the coast.

Providing the shipyard's point of view, Lucia Mingot has assured that it is "in everyone's hands to comply with the most basic objectives such as recycling and proper waste treatment", something that Astilleros de Mallorca is actively working on. Among the measures they adopt, Mingot has highlighted the use of paper bags and reusable plastic bags to cover boats or the use they make of the recycling areas.

Supporting the idea of joining forces, Angus Johnston has advocated "thinking and working locally". The Brit explained that "here in the Balearics you can find - almost - any goods or services you need, so you don’t have to rely on outside companies, you can just visit your nearest store or service provider". In this way, he says, a lot of pollution generated by the transport and shipping of goods and products is reduced and, of course, it helps the local economy grow.

For his part, Martin Redmayne, who acted as moderator of the symposium, stressed that "sustainability is a fundamental part of our future" and underlined the idea, launched by all participants, that communication, education and unity of purpose are the way forward.

Main challenges for an improvement in environmental sustainability

Redmayne has asked the speakers to choose a main action or purpose to get the Balearic Islands positioned as the green epicenter of yachting.

For Jorge Martinez is essential to be respectful of the marine ecosystem and reduce the use of fuel in the marine sector. Lucia Mingot has focused on the need to leave the waste that reaches the sea every day at zero and Angus Johnston has committed to creating a joint plan for 10 years in which all those involved in the marine industry can work with a common goal.

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